What People Say

Stephanie's class has been amazing!!! I joined her class after I retired. I am so glad I did. I have managed to lose weight. I look better. I feel better. I now have more energy to pursue other activities. I am more busier than when I was working. I love my new life.

Shawna Bridgett

I take Stephanie Martin's exercise classes. It started out as therapy for knee operations. I now come regularly. The classes are informal, but the atmosphere and Stephanie's instruction is an attraction. Light weights and mild aerobics with a touch of yoga will jump start your day.

Stanley Henderson

Stephanie is committed to improving the health and fitness of the seniors at the Vintage Center for Active Adults. Her classes are geared to their needs and abilities. I have participated in Stephanie's Enhanced Fitness classes for approximately five years. With her guidance, I have achieved greater strength, balance and flexibility.

Toni Yates

I met Stephanie through a friend who was taking her class and I was hooked immediately. Stephanie is knowledgeably in field of Fitness. She teaches several classes that focuses on cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance, but the one I like the best is Zumba Gold. She understands how to motivate you to try even if you don't stay on beat or move in the same direction. She has a clever way to make you feel comfortable. I like how she explains each movement on how to be careful not to get hurt. Her class is a fun workout, and I enjoy taking it every week.

Sherdina G. Jones

I have spent a good number of years trying to find the right exercise instructor. Stephanie Martin is one of the few instructors who believe seniors can and should push the limits. Every exercise she demonstrates has difficult and modified versions so that participants can choose their own best level. She also spends time on many aspects of whole body health--aerobics, weights, stretching and meditation--and explains what muscles we're working and why. Leaving her class, I am encouraged to go to my own gym on the days in between.

Carol McFadden